Vitalize is as dietary supplement for the treatment of dehydration and exhaustion in birds.
All birds tend to dehydrate when subjected to stress.  VITALIZE  is intended to treat
and help prevent dehydration and exhaustion as a result of illness, injury or stress.
VITALIZE provides needed body salts and glucose energy and is useful to birds
being shown, transported or relocated.

Add one level teaspoon of VITALIZE to 8 oz. of clean drinking water.
Use as birdís only source of drinking water during times of stress.  For showing
or transporting birds, administer VITALIZE 3 days prior plus 2 days after handling,
  transportation, and showing.
Keep container closed before and after use.
  This product contains no pesticides.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Each ounce contains
Glucose                           14.1%
Bicarbonate ions             2.9%
Potassium ions                2.6%
Sodium ions                     1.6%
Citrate ions                       1.3 %
Other Ingredients

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