Save money by making  your bird toys with our  convenient kits.
Easy instructions included. No special tools needed.
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Complete with plastic
storage container
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Not all pieces are in the  same colors or shapes  as picture shown, but  all will have same quantities from  plastic shapes,  wooden shapes,  leather lace, beads, cotton rope, Paulie rope and plastic chain, beads etc.

We have a selection of a little bit of everything to make that old toy into a new,  "fun to play with" toy again
This is a very low cost way to  get a little more use out of those favorite toys.

We enclosed  3 pear shaped quick links and  the kit can also be used  to make small toys from scratch.
Also comes in handy if you bought a new toy, but would like more  pieces  on it.

This set is for the smaller toys up to Conures, African Greys etc. Leather laces are 1/8", cotton is 1/4"


Repair kits for your  toys.
Are your old toys worn out? ............................... No fun to play with anymore?
Temporary out of stock
Temporary out of stock