Paulie Rope
Odyssey  used to  introduce the  bird safe plastic  rope  named
"Paulie"  rope to the bird world. This  was a wonderful  leather substitute,
safe  for bird toys because  of the special   diamond weave.
It barely unravels and birds do not get their  feet or limbs
tangled in loose strands.  Unfortunately  Odyssey closed their doors.

It  took us  nearly a year to find a new manufacturer that produced
the same  fine quality  rope for us.  We  have named this  rope
"Poli Bird Toy Rope"
and  toy makers are buying the Poli Rope  with the same
enthusiasm as  they purchased the original  "Paulie Rope"

The only  difference ,  we are able to  sell "Poli Bird Toy Rope"
in 10 wonderful  bright colors.
Poli Bird Toy Rope
The tight diamond weave keeps the rope from  unraveling
Available in 10 colors 
White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Bright Green,
Regular Green
Orange and Lavender/Purple and Bright Pink

   Plastic (polyethylene)  bird rope is the perfect
substitute for  leather laces.
It is  durable,  washable and easy to  knot.
Polyethylene is a nontoxic plastic in its solid state so it is
deemed safe for use in making bird toys. More Information
Order by the foot
$0.15 per ft

Order by the coil 100ft
$0.10 per ft

Order by the spool 500ft
$0.07 per ft

White 1ft.ea. $0.15
Lavender 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Yellow 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Orange1 ft.ea. $0.15
Pink 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Red 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Blue 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Neon Green 1 ft.ea. $0.15
Black 1 ft.ea. $0.15
White Set/100 $9.95
Yellow Set/100 $9.95
Orange Set/100 $9.95
Pink Set/100 $9.95
Lavender Set/100 $9.95
Red Set/100 $9.95
Blue Set/100 $9.95
Neon Green Set/100 $9.95
Black Set/100 $9.95
White Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Yellow Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Orange 500 ft. $33.95
Pink Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Lavender Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Red Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Blue Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Neon Green Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Black Spool 500 ft. $33.95
Reg. Green
Reg. Green
Reg. Green