Superior Bird Cotton  Rope
~ Introducing a new brand  of  bird safe  cotton rope ~
This  rope is very, very  soft.
Now available in 3 sizes:  1/4" , 5/16"  and  1/2"
It is 100% natural and unbleached. 

It is everything cotton rope shouldn't be - which is why it is being manufactured exclusively for bird  toys.
It is short fibered and, therefore, pulls apart easily, which will minimize the risk of entanglement.
If you pull on the fibers from the ends or shafts, you will get cotton puffs instead of long threads.
SUPERIOR Bird COTTON ROPE was manufactured with bird safety being the top priority.
SUPERIOR  Bird COTTON ROPE is a unique cotton rope that breaks apart easily to minimize any entanglement issues.
You will love this rope.
No more  cotton rope  shortage, available year round.
1/4"  4 ply
1/4"  4 ply  1 spool  470 ft
1 spool  470'  $65.95  ($0.14 per ft)
5/16"  5 ply
Out of stock
5/16"  5 ply  1 spool  450 ft
1 spool  $71.95 ( $0.16 per ft)
1/2"  3 ply
1/2"  3 ply Spool 600 ft.
1 spool  $194.95    $0.325 per ft)
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1 ft each 1/2" Cotton Rope $0.60
Set/50 ft $24.95
Set/100 ft $39.95
1/2" Spool:
1 Spool, 1/2" 600 'Super Soft $194.95

Out of stock
Out of stock
Out of stock