Frugal Parrot Toys CD I and II
Fantastic Price on set of   2 CD's
You can make parrot toys like the professionals with these books on CD-ROM! 
Want to make parrot toys  but not sure where to start and how to do it?

Please check out  J. Kaye Oldner's  Toy making CD I and CD II.

The first one was such a success that she has added  Volume 2  with another  50  great toy ideas.  Not only  do you find easy to
read step by step instructions, but also  lots of  visual help with step by step pictures. It is  so easy to make your own toys with
the help of these CD's, you  will save money by purchasing  your own parts and have fun of being creative .

The CD toy books are easy to  open with Acrobat Reader, if you need the latest version click here: Acrobat Reader


Toy Book I
J. Kaye Oldner
Toy Book II
J. Kaye Oldner
I began this book not knowing much about 
power tools or how to saw. Many of the toy
ideas are simple and practical, yet professional.
If you can work a hand drill and a simple
hand saw, you can make each toy idea in
this book. If you are just starting out, this is
a perfect place to begin. 
The instructional photos will carry you
from start to finish on each toy project.

J. Kaye Oldner

The toy ideas in this cd-rom book are
more advanced than the first. 
Each toy idea would compare with the
parrot toys seen in pet shops, bird fairs 
and even on eBay. Simple power 
tools such as a hand drill and saw are 
required for cutting; however, substitutes 
can be used as with any toy idea found 
in the Frugal Parrot Toys cd-rom books.

J. Kaye Oldner

Fantastic Price on set of  CD's
Buy 1 at $19.95  get 2nd  one for only $9.95
Want to make parrot toys  but not sure where to start and how to do it? Want  some different ideas and need a pattern. 
Large selection of toys  and the know how in easy  steps.
 CD toy books are easy to  open with Acrobat Reader, 
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Toy Book I
Toy Book II
Toy Book I & II
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