Hurricane Harvey.

Almost 1 year ago since we have been  hit head on with a hurricane category  strong 4. it still seems like a nightmare, but  lots of people are back to some kind of a normal and memories starting to fade. There is still a lot of damage in town, and a lot of  empty foundations, and sadly,  often we have forgotten which store used to be there,  there are just so many gone and never will rebuild. I just was looking for one particular  picture and it gave me the idea to just put them all on this page. After 11 months our house  is 97% finished inside, there  are some small things that still need to be fixed, but we kind of ran out of steam und started on the outside, which is slowly  coming back to life also. 2 of our giant  cottonwood trees, that we lost,  have grown from the parents roots and are already over 6 ft tall. 
The storm stripped every leaf on every plant, flowers. bushes  and all trees. Everything was of course fully leaved since it was  August. It made the town and properties look so spooky.
I also would like to give thanks again to all the volunteers that sprang into  action, it was  so amazing how droves of  people came from all over the USA to  Rockport, started cutting up trees and move the debris and  did so much work.We certainly could not have  done it without you all and all your help  given so selflessly  will be forever one of the highlights in my life.

Our carport in the
neighbors trees.
Our flattened 40ft building
on the right
Used to be a horse barn
Used to be a horse barn
Used to be a horse barn
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