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Hurricane  Pictures from our
property. Outside only
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We will have a different Sale every month until all the items are gone.
If there are items still available  from the previous month we will leave  those  sales  open
so you can also link to them until all items are sold.

We have to downsize our inventory due to the fact that we lost our 40ft building in hurricane Harvey.  Since not all our inventory fits in the smaller  building that is still standing but is somewhat damaged, we decided for the time being to cut way back on our inventory, since our spare time is occupied with rebuilding and fixing everything. Stock up now. you will help us to get things in order again and you cannot beat the price. There is no limit on how many sets you buy, but quantities are limited as to  what we have  in stock.
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Please check our previous August Sale. We  have farther reduced the remaining items  until all items will be sold. Click Here
Quantity available:  24
We added chain and hanger
1 each.....$2.75
Buy Lot of 12 for only  $27.00
Saving of  $6
Quantity available:  12
We added chain and hanger
1 each.....$3.00
Buy Lot of 12 for only  $30.00
Saving of  $6
Large Spiral with 2 quick-links
Can be used as a fun  Perch
24" (will stretch for longer Spiral)
Retail $12.99
Sale $7
Double Rings wrapped
with  cotton
Perch Spiral wrapped
with  cotton

1 each Double Ring $2.75
Set/12 double Rings $27.00

Washers  1"....Donuts   1/2"
Regular small pony Beads.

Shaped small pony Beads.
Sample toys is for the smaller birds
(You can also use the  poli rope )
Use medium solid  pacifiers and wider
leather strips for the larger birds..
Tiny Pacifiers 7/8"

1 each tiny $0.20
Set/25 tiny $4.50
Set/50 tiny $7.50
1ea. small $0.25
Set/25 small $4.95
Set/50 small $9.95
1 ea. $0.89
Set/10 Medium $5.90
Set/25 Medium $9.95
Set/50 Medium $15.50
Small Pacifiers 1 1/4"
Quantities are  limited, first come first served.
Sphere wrapped
with  cotton
Set/100 Indian Beads $4.95
1" x 1" Wooden Squares 1/8" thick
Retail $6.95  Save $2.00
Set/100 1x1 wood squares $4.95
Retail $6.95  Save $2.00
Save when  buying by the  Pound
2 lbs for only $4.00
2 lbs small pony beads $4
Save when  buying by the  Pound
2 lbs for only $5.00
shaped ponies:
2lbs shaped pony beads
Medium Pacifiers 1 3/4" Solid

100 wooden cutouts
up to 1 1/2" only $2.95
wood co:
100 wooden cut outs $2.95

Set #1~~~~~~~ 6 toys
Set #2~~~~~~ 6 toys
Set #3~~~~~~~ 6 toys
Only 1 set of each available.
Set #5~~~~~~~ 5 toys
Set #6 ~~~~~~~5 toys
Set # 5........ 5 Toys $5
Set # 6......... 5 Toys $5
Sphere :
1 Sphere each $3
1 dozen Spheres $30
1 Spiral Perch $7.00
Set 1...... 6 Toys for $5.00
Set 2...... 6 Toys for $5.00
Set 3....... 6 Toys for $5.00