Currently I have only one Acrylic picture left. Iwill have a bigger selection shortly. This is  a 12" x 12"  stretched  canavas

The artist is  Elke Draths Davis from Elke's Art.
The pictures sides are painted and hanger is attached. can be used with or without frame.
Colors used were red, blue and white.

Our pictures do not have themes, they a painted to enjoy  the colors flowing on canvas
but if you let your fantasy wander you can see whimsical shapes of landscapes, animals and more,
just like you might have done in your childhood watching the clouds in the sky.

           Thank you for visiting  some of my  homepages....Elke Draths Davis

In the near future we will also have picture frames that are made from Hurricane Harvey's wood.

Red, White & Blue 12 x 12
#101  $25  * $8.75 shipping
Preferred payment is through PayPal .
They accept your PayPal Account, credit and debit cards.
Currentely closed . Will be back  1st of August.