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All is well
Oops, leaned
back to much
Help, help
bird down
Somebody, anybody
Are you ok?
I was so worried
about you.
About us
We started  our little  company 16 years ago and it has grown  and expanded from breeding birds to selling avian supplies, bird toys and bird toy parts.
We retired from breeding conures a few years ago. We are enjoying our pet birds and are semi retired. We live in Rockport Texas, our little town is right
on the Gulf of Mexico. We have lived here almost 40 years and  love this area.
We do enjoy traveling and that is the reason why we are closed occationally. We "disable" our shopping cart at that time and you will receive a message with the date when we will re-open.
We are down sizing at this time, so you  should find  wonderful bargains on our clearance pages in avian supplies and bird toy parts.
How to order
Please use our convenient shopping cart  to place your order. Go to the check out feature and  hit the submit button.
Please be aware that  the button is located  toward the bottom of your order.
At this time you cannot fill in your credit card information. After submitting the order I will sent  you a payment request  by email.
Why do I have to wait for a payment request after I placed my order?
Shipping charges are not included in the order, they are added after I receive the orders. There are so many ways to ship nowadays and the computer will not generate the best and most reasonable  postage fee. I can decide if a flat rate box would be cheaper, or for small items  below 13 oz we can use First class, or for heavier items it is generally cheaper with UPS. This option can save  the customer  quite a bit on shipping charges.
How to pay for your items.
You can pay  by check or  money order. We accept Pay Pal payments. We accept most credit cards.
Credit Cards
Our credit card processing  goes through the secure PayPal server. ( You do not  need a PayPal account for this  option)
When you get my email with the payment request (that is generated through  PayPal ) simply click the
"I do not have a PayPal Account" button and you will be directed to a secure site to enter your credit card information.
How do we ship?
We try to fill your order in a timely manner and  usually ship within 24 hours on week days.
We usually pick the most reasonable rate to ship.
With small items under 13 oz we can ship First Class which usually saves the customer  on average  $2-$3
Smaller boxes  are usually shipped With USPS  and priority mail.
Heavier items are shipped USPS with flat rate boxes (if that option is more reasonable than regular priority)
Large orders are general cheaper by sending them  through UPS
Of course you have the option  to let us know if you have a p referred shipping method.
Contact us
Elke Davis, Rockport, Texas, email at rockportroost@sbcglobal.net
Phone orders
We prefer e - mail orders. since  we are not always available  to answer  your calls. You can reach us at (361) 729-6745
Facebook: Elke Draths Davis
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